Below are some of the “testimonials” we’ve received from Seabees that have purchased one or more of the first Bronze Navy Seabee “Seals” or “Flag Holders” we’ve created and produced.

Received your first Bronze Seal & Marker I purchased and again I thank you for the opportunity to purchase the first one manufactured. It presently is displayed by my front door adjacent to a palm tree planter. I have received many comments about how it displays the heritage of the Navy Seabees and there is no doubt about who resides in my home. I have taken the Marker with me and displayed it at our last Island meeting in Lakeland, Florida. I plan to also take it with me to the Department of Florida, NSVA Convention in May. I thank you again for all the time and effort you all have put forth in the design and manufacturer of a marker that will remain legible for many years to come and proudly display on the grave, in the garden or lawn of a Seabee. Carl Barrett, UTC, USN (Ret), NSVA National Commander


Great job. I did receive the Flag holder. Outstanding effort. I love mine will use in our home, in our garden. and on my grave for special occasions. I am very pleased that you Seabees came up with such a great idea. Seabees Can Do. Jerry Landcastle, NSVA Vice National Commander




We ordered & received one of the Seabee Seals a week or so ago. Both myself & my wife are very pleased with the looks, workmanship , details & materials. Also you had concerns that shipment might be delayed, which didn't seem to happen and informed us of this. Everything was professional & well done! Thanks. Jay H.


I purchased 2 of the Bronze flag holders with brass rods. I paid by credit card and the flag holders came within a week. I was very pleased the easy way the order went. I was also very pleased to see the actual bronze marker. It is more than I could expect. Great detail and very durable. I would recommend it to all Sea Bees. The extra flag holder is for a friend of mine who’s farther was a See Bee during WII, and she was over joyed by the flag holder too. Great Job Guys. Herb B., CE 1, Veit Nam era.


I received my bronze marker last week. It's a heavy, quality piece and told the Wife to have it mounted on my grave marker when it's time for my dirt nap. David B.


I received my Bronze Seabee Seal about a week ago and am very much pleased by its size and quality. I hope my family won't have to use it in the near future, but they know what I want them to do with it when my time is up. As a suggestion, have you contacted the CEC/Seabee gift shop at Port Hueneme to see if they would be interested in offering it in their catalog? They could order the Seals and Flag Holders from the Nebraska Seabees at a volume discount price and sell it at a retail price equal to or slightly higher than what you are selling them for. Best regard, Charlie H.


I purchased one of the Seabee markers and was very pleased with the quality of the marker and the speed of delivery. I would expect nothing less from a Seabee...WELL DONE!! I will use this camping and my wife can use it when she plants me..(hopefully not for a while yet!). Glenn W. Sr, Life Member Navy Seabee Veterans Of America & VFW (Post 540), MCB74 & Navy Seabee Team 7405


On Saturday Jan.21 2012, I received a e-mail from my brother "Rich"in Florida containing your web-site.I looked it over and it was something i had to have.  On Sunday  afternoon Jan.22.I got on your web-site and ordered the "Bronze Seabee Seal & Flag Holder".The ordering was easy & the acknowledgement supper quick.  The surprising part was when i saw the USP truck come up my driveway on Jan 25th and delivered my "Seabee Flag Holder"at my front door.   I was really inpressed with my order.Everything looked great a Job well done.   "Can Do"!    Best of luck with your start-up.  Joe U.

Fellow Seabees, I received my order of 1 Seal & 1 Flag Holder approximately 2 weeks after placing my order. I used Pay Pal to complete the financial portion of the transaction.  I was very pleased with your product and have displayed them at Island X-12 (Rochester, NY) monthly meeting and will at future Executive Committee meetings throughout New York State.  I believe you have a product that has been long over due.  As you are probably aware that Seabees seldom toot their own horn. The marker & flag holder gives them an opportunity to leave a lasting memory of their “spirit de corp.”  Letting all know they were a member of an elite brotherhood dedicated to leaving everyplace they passed through a better place than when they arrived.  In the “CAN DO” Spirit   Jack Tangen, Secretary,  NSVA Department of New  York

I did receive the Seabee Marker / Flag Holder.  I purchased it for a Seabee Reunion Group to mark a lost Seabee whom went to the Lord last December.  I had it sent to me so I could view it and added a flag and card with it before sending on to his wife.  I sent out an email to the group and they all were impressed with the marker.  I am sure the spreading of the word of the markers will go very fast. I am impressed with the quality of the marker.  Very well done Seabees from Nebraska!!!   God Bless,  Bob G.

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